Burning Amp 2021 - Oct 16 & 17th, Fort Mason SF

Burning Amp 2021 returns to the Fort Mason Center, on the waterfront in San Francisco, all day Saturday and Sunday October 16th & 17th, 2021!

We will be planning workshops and events in our expanded time and space.

Use this thread to tell us what you most value about Burning Amp and what type of workshops you would like to have.

See you all in San Francisco in October!



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Chico will be there.
Guess I need to finish something...
Hopefully I'll have my newest preamp design working, or maybe finished...
Its using "special red" guided missile triode tubes for phono, line, and tape loop stages, its going to be dual mono, moving coil ready, built an a 4u rackmount. Front panel will feature a pair of Simpson VUs and a giant, Daven switch, wired as an H pattern ladder attenuator.
Bringing my test gear.
Probably bringing down some MC30s I just restored as well.
Should be an absolute riot. (Not that kind)