Burning Amp 2017: SUN NOV 12, San Francisco

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Come Experience DIY Audio at Burning Amp 2017 : SUN NOV 12 : San Francisco

WHEN: 9am until 7pm, SUN NOV 12 2017
WHERE: Fort Mason Building C on second floor, Ft. Mason Firehouse, San Francisco USA (see directions, below for more info)

BurningAmp : The annual audio DIY event at Fort Mason, San Francisco CA for audiophiles who make their own equipment, components for amps, speakers, and parts.

. LUNCH: $10

NOTE: For fresh produce and other healthy food options, check out the Fort Mason Farmer's Market going on in the parking lot until 1PM!

There is an ATM located in the Safeway across from the Gatehouse entrance at Marina and Laguna.

Get yourself to the corner of Marina Blvd and Buchanan St. in San Francisco (labeled as "Lower Fort Mason Entrance" on the map at link below). Drive onto the Fort Mason grounds, immediately bear right, and proceed through a small parking area to a booth across from the Gatehouse where you must pay for parking ($14/day). Using the map at the link below, navigate to Building C (located on the map just below the "M" of "Fort Mason Center" in green text). Enter Building C via the foyer off of the loading dock that is midway along the building on the side towards Building D. Take the elevator or stairs (at back of foyer) up to the second floor. Tickets will be for sale in the second floor lobby at the entrance to the event. The talks will be held in the Firehouse building, a short walk away just past Pier 3.

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Come check out what is happening in DIY Audio at Burning Amp 2017! Bring your own projects to exhibit or just come to mingle with other DIYers and listen to talks. EVERYONE WHO BRINGS ONE OR MORE DIY PROJECTS TO SHOW IN THE DEMO ROOMS WILL GET FREE ADMISSION!

We will all enjoy a few extra hours together compared to last year. We will again have tech/design talks in the Firehouse given by Nelson Pass and Siegfried Linkwitz. Titles TBA.
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Not stupid. And for the show itself , we've had visitors from India, Canada, Serbia, Germany, England, Belgium, Italy and more. Pero nadie de Argentina todavia. They may have no idea where Ft. Mason is!

Some of the Coordinator tasks can be done online, but usually they will require your presence at the show also. But if you're from far away don't buy tickets yet!
Won't be last wkend in October, so you're probably good as it will likely be mid- November..

That's great you can do this. IMHO it's kind of fun to get large amounts of stuff that is actually pretty good. Not so much fun when there are a hundred other things to take care of! I used Costco and they do have a lot of perfect stuff (and in huge sizes! ) I can get you a list of the items and quantities we've used in the past as a guideline.

The food is important because if there is no breakfast stuff people tend to drop their equipment then go off to breakfast and show up again an hour or so later!

In the afternoon they tend to pack up and leave if they get hungry. Can't blame them, when you're hungry you tend to focus on eating!

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as they say in Spanish:
"We" is a lot of people...

It's up to you to find it! Fast! You know your area better than we do.

I agree it would be nice to find an alternative, but in this case F.M. might be for the best, in that we know what's required so we don't have any surprises. If we get a lot of gear, and have organized rooms it can be fine.

Next year it should be THE priority. But it's not at all easy. We've tried.
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Ja, ja, it is very impossible that an Argentine goes there. Things here are very difficult, the costs are high for the average person here, and in my special case, I hate heaps of people. This is so, that several years ago I abandon Ham Radio Club, although no more than ten persons was there.

And in extremely rare case I decide to travel there, I would see my brother Rolando living in Kansas.

In any case, I wish and tremendously successful event.
A word to potential sponsors:

BAF needs your help!

I will design and make vinyl banners for all sponsors at the $500 level to be displayed at the show.

All sponsors at the $1000+ level will be featured on our step and repeat (think Academy Awards red carpet) photo backdrop.

Please consider sponsoring this very special event for the DIY audio community!

I can be reached by PM or email [email protected]

I'll be reaching out privately as well.

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