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Bunch of resistors, Polyester Film Capacitors, IC that are in bags I can't see throug

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Please make offers, thanks.
Try to keep offers in thread if possible.
I have a lot more than is in the pics; all kinds off stuff :confused:

Basically going to be medium flat rate mystery box type stuff or maybe not with the help of some DIY audio rocket surgeons?


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How much do you want for them? I’m not going to get into a bidding war on the fourm
I believe you have to most a price
If you want bids you may want to post this on eBay and not on a open forum

Sorry of course, I forgot, where are my manners?:
$9000 or best offer.
Best thing to do is make an offer on what you see in a pic, but not the first/main pic.
Box of resistors or caps.

Last seven pics are all one medium flat rate box or so; Each pic is one box, that is
Definitely hard to ship the first pic.

Or just say medium flat rate mystery box :D
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John I am happy to take about half of each part value and send the rest to you!

Ha!, Actually I am out, but thanks. The last time I participated in one of these grab bags, I got a little surprise in my Box of stuff, two newer 6H30 Preamp tubes.

Those tubes were worth more than my offer, and I am still using parts from that box!
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