Bulgin switches

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So you're not the only one that like the look of these ring illuminated switches. It depends on the power supply, if it has a high inrush current, whether it has a soft start circuit, how powerful the amplifier is and what type of power supply it has.

If you've got a soft start circuit the relays will do the switching to the transformer and the switch will only turn the soft start circuit on and off. This is how I've got mine configured, the low voltage softstart circuit also providing an easy way to power the LED in the switch.

Often the transient inrush demands of a linear supply will cripple lesser switches, the demanding, large currents at turn on will cause arcing across the closing gap, causing corrosion, this is why a high power switch would be a good idea.

You can buy them ebay or from a lot of computer modding shops, as the modders like to replace their PC case switches with them. Doing a google shopping search for 'vandal switch' should give you a few decent results. They are quite expensive however and you will most likely require a resistor before the LED in the switch to prevent it from damage.
Yes, those do look quite nice and you'd need a latching version too.

Do observe the contact ratings however, 50mA 24 volts DC. Eeek!

If you really want the illuminated switch I would advise you build some sort of relay driven switch.

In other words use a 9 volt transformer, rectify this into +12 volts, then place the switch on the the 12V DC line so that it turns on and off a high power relay.

That SMPS can deliver 1100 watts continuous which requires a 5amp switch @ 240volts.

Metal LED Push Button Switch (Red Ring, Latching) on eBay (end time 15-Sep-10 23:51:26 BST)

Are the switches I purchased and they will handle 5 amps at 240 volts. It looks like the seller will also ship to wherever you are too and he has red, blue and green versions, only the front of the switch is brushed aluminium.

I can post a picture of mine in operation if you're interested.
Please do.
I have ordered already a blue one.
My photos of the amp

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.
Oh I think it looks fine :) With a SMPS in there it should be even better, I don't think switch modes demand so much current at the start up so should be better for the switch too.

The only thing you really need to watch out for is proper grounding techniques within the chassis. If there's no hum present you're half of the way there, however with the fast switching going on inside class D amps you have to make sure that any signal ground is free from the high speed switched currents otherwise you can get contamination into the signal ground.
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