Building something in Dynaudio range...

I want to have Dynaudio Audience 52 but they are too expensive.Instead of buying those ill build a similar pair of bookshelfs.

By browsing this forum i found out that Eton drive units will do the job.Id use 7-360/37 HEX woofer/midrange + 25SD1 tweeter.
Will these units do the job?What crossover frequency would you recommend?

What about the crossover?Is is better to buy or to make one?

The thing is i dont know how to build speakers but ill find a friend who will build a pair of bookshelfs for me.

Do you have any suggestions about cabinet?

What is a normal (good) price for a cabinet id use?What about crossover price?

I know its a lot questions but i believe i can get DIY bookshelfs for half price of Audience52 but as good. =)
even more...

I think you can do a clone even more close...:D

Have you tried to buy Dynaudio drivers in the mobile range of drivers? I think they are very close (if different) than any other driver...

At Dynaudio internet site, you can see drivers, specs, datasheets, curves... almost all you need to construct your clones... even crossovers are there but if you like real clones... you can do it by Solen capacitors and inductors as Dynaudio uses then in Audience line.

My 2 cents..