Building some DIY interconnects little help sourcing parts?

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I'm wondering if anyone here knows where I can get some single strand OFC copper? I'd like something that PTFE or cotton insulated. I can insulate my self if needed. I'm either going to do this or silver but I'm not sure I buy all the silver vs copper stuff. I'll probably just use some PE connectors. Any help is appreciated thanks! And I think I put this in the right forum.

Ok I'll look into that. I think I'm going to buy a 100gram spool of the cotton insulated copper and a 100gram spool of the 99.99% .375mm silver wire. I've been wanting to experiment with the silver and copper and that site has it cheap enough that I can buy both. I'm guessing their silver wire is uninsulated though so I might have to look into buying the cotton rope.
decky said:
Any dedicated DIY Hi Fi place will rip you off for cable and wire - this is my source for silver and copper wire

4N silver is excellent and almost half price compared to others. They also have cotton and teflon insulated copper.

Since I was the one that suggested DIYcable as a possible source for items concerned with the stated intention to build some wires, I wonder if you're suggesting that I am recommending a rip-off/scam outfit. I have known Kevin Haskins (the owner of DIYcable) for many years and have always found him to be extremely honest and above board.

I was actually thinking not so much about wire, which the poster had already specified what he seemed intent on using, as the termination hardware when I made that suggestion.

Not Amused,

I am sorry if my comment caused you any grief. I spent a LOT of time searching cheaper ways for sourcing DIY cable materials. I have been bulding my cables for years now. In one of my encounters I came accross siltex ( - a german company specialized in making braided tubing in almost any material - cotton, PET, Kevlar, glass, carbon you name it. They were very frinedly and we exchanged couple of emails regarding their pricing. I did similar things with various manufacturers of metal wires. Therefore I now what are the first hand prices of all materials that I am using. In order to by small quantities I found a number of first line resellers that had more then reasonable prices. I can tell you one thing - none of these had HiFi in their names. You buy 4N silver wire from a wire reseller for 1$ - go to DIYHiFi place (almost any) and they will sell you the same wire for 10$ and advertise it as 5N or 6N silver. For cotton braided sleeves is even more funny. I will support my claims with numbers.

1. Quote that I received from Siltex for cotton braid 2mm diameter 100m roll was 8.31euro (yes that is eight euros and 31 euro cent)

2. Price of the same cotton braid from a Swiss company - famous for their DIY Hi Fi supply is 1CHF/m

3. Australian representative of the above Swiss company is selling that sleeve for A$3/m (

...and to finilize my illustration the audio-consulting 0.5mm silver wire is sold for 15CHF/m.

That is what I call a rip-off.

Furfter on - regarding termination. I am using eichmann bullet plugs. Their price in US and Canada is ~$50 for set of 4 - copper ones or ~$100 for silver ones. In Asutralia they are $80 and $200 respectivelly (the exchange rate is almost 1 : 1 these days). Just to remind you that these connectors are made in Australia.

That is also what I call a rip off.

...but it is personal choice where you want to spend your money.
Hi DECKY three9s,

I have to admit, I am like you and exaustively look on the Internet for reasonably priced solutions.

However, I don't usually get the level of results that you got here.

Sometimes I spend days looking for what I have in mind.

Take quality Headshell leads with 1.0 mm clips at one end amd 1.2 mm clips at the other end, with gold plated clips and litz wire. Very few have the right clips (both ends are 1.2 mm) and if you find quality they are very expensive!

Maybe you can give a class or an outline to us on your search skills. I know I could recover a decent amount of my life back!

BTW, both hyperlinks are excellent!


I don't have any special searching (i.e. bloodhound) skills - however I often use that funny little tool that people call google (funny name that is) :D .

Well I do not about the headshell leads but for other stuff couple of hints:

- Do not be affraid to talk to the big guys - meaning talking directly to the manufacturers. Sometimes they might be willing to sell small QTYs sometimes not - but you have nothing to loose.

- My story with siltex for example - I did not buy stuff from them 'cause shipping would be very expenssive but at least I learned about the prices. After that I stumbled upod a lady that sells cords and ropes on ebay. She did not sell back then what I needed but I sent her an emal and three days aftre that she sent me some samples and we did the business.

- Use lateral thinking - you need to use something for Hi Fi but maybe there is some other indistry that is using the same thing. You will learn a lot by talking to different people. You might even find something even better for your application.

- Never forget that Hi Fi is an ultimately spoiled indistry - fed by huge profit margins to obesity. They are always try to reinvent the wheel - lable it with a "super" name and sell it for 10 times the original price.

- And yes - focus on what you are searching for and you will create it - it will come to you - that is an esoteric approach

have a good one :D
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