Building my first 4th order BP box, any suggestions?


2005-05-21 7:11 pm
Bs As
I am building my first BP box to use in my HT setup. I am using a 12 inch car audio driver (audiopipe tsv12), I ran it on Winsid and the curve is the following. Do you think it will sound nice on a home setup? I plan on crossing it at 70 hz, but I am afraid of "one tone bass". Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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2004-10-19 4:29 pm
I get 24 hz. F3 & Fb
Box size 13wx24hx22d
Port 3" x 19 1/4"
At 24" high the board that seperates the two chambers would be 8"
So the small chamber would be 8" the large chamber would be 16".
Power rating before Xmax & Port Chuffing is 150 watts.
Both at 25 hz.
Total box volume is 87 litres.

Yes, It's Do-Able!!!