Building First DIY SS or Tube???

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Okay I'm pretty newbie so bear with me here. I'm planning on building my first DIY speakers, probably the proac 2.5 clones due to the performance/cost/ease of build. I've read some reviews on the things and most people say that they only sound good on TUBE amps, which confuses me. I've always thought that the goal of Hi-Fi was to accurately reproduce music, therefore it would seem obvious to build a SS amp. Also I've always thought that TUBE amps "color" the music which some people claim to sound more "natural and warm." Why would I want to color the music if my main goal is to accurately reproduce it. So I'm confused...anyone want to clear this up? Have TUBE amps changed since I've last read about them??
I used to think the way you do, tubes have more distortion, so they must be worse. That is, until I built my own. A well done tube amp will sound great, and a well done transistor amp will sound great as well, but tubes really do sound really amazing. Try one of both and see...

IMHO, and experience, it was like when I was purchasing a turn table many years ago. It came to the last two possible choices in a long list of turn tables the Linn Sondek LP12 and the Pink Triangle. The two were costs around the same price range and specs are similiar.
The Linn has more bias and colour to the sound where as the Pink Triangle is more natural unbias. Finally I decided on the Pink Triangle. My decision is purely base on my personal taste. The way I listen to recordings, some of my friends says that I listen to Hi Fi gears, not music, I can repeat listening to the same track daily for hours to listen different part of the track at a time. Most of the time I don't even know what the singer is singing, no emotion for me in their lyrics. But I get my kicks out of the sonic experience and discovery each time I listen to a track. For the music lovers this is not a good way, because it will get very expensive and get your satisfaction from very good recordings only; since your accurate system do the garbage in garbage out.
The other way like one of my friends, he is really into music, he can listen to a track and cry. Moved by the melody and the lyrics. His system is SS but tweaked heavily to get the smooth thick round valve like sound. He likes the vocal really stand out and sound nice. I always joke with him saying he listen to a track that the singer was singing out of key in mine system, but sound so sexy in his system and he get his kicks.

What buzz you, who knows except self and only self. ;)

But if I were you I would take Nelson's advise seriously:cool:
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I recomend a Zen, not because it is the better amplifier,
although sometimes it is, but because it is very simple,
has some exotic bragging rights, and encourages the
builder to develop some understanding of how a gain
device actually works.

I wished that somebody had published such a thing when
I was a teenager, still trying to figure out what the hell
(whoa! Sin Bin!) was going on. Ever since then, I've tried
to write for me at 13.

Not easy, since I was a serious smart-***....

Aaaaargh! The Sin Bin Police are banging on the firewall!

My goal for this first DIY project (loudspeaker and amp) is to not only gain a better understanding of this addicting hobby but also, probably more so, to get some good sounding equipment out of this that will last me a long time and I will be happy with. Going back to school soon will leave me pennyless so whatever I decide to do with this project I will have to live with for a few years due to lack of funds. So I want to do this right the first time. I would love to play around with this stuff and spending countless hours and money, tinkering with this and that, upgrading here and there, but my situation won't allow. Basically I have the money now and won't later on so I want to do this right and have some great sounding equipment. Right now I just have a pair of 8 yr old infinity 3-ways and technics reciever so I'm sure *anything* I do will be a vast improvement. Thanks for the ideas and keep them comin!
Try a ZEN and you will obtain understanding. I made Zen v. 2 wired point to point on a piece of wood, and parts were about 190 Euro. Now i make Zen V4, and parts are about 300 Euro. Most expensive are Heatsinks (my Zen V4 heatsinks 120 Euro) and they don´t influence the sound - if you have try used heatsinks. Sound is so far as i´m able to judge very good. If you have alot of fun for long years may depend on how proper you build it, how reliable your mechanical construction will be.
For a first project, I would strongly recommend something like an AKSA, Gainclone or Elliott P3A, not a Zen amp. You will get a decent amp at a low price and you will learn something. With the Zen, you have to cope with large heatsinks, a large transformer and high currents. In addition, it consumes an awful amount of electric energy (nobody has tried to underrate the heatsinks and use it as a toaster?).

I know this kind of recommendation won't make me very popular out here, but I'm wearing my asbestos flame suit :angel:

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