Building enclosure for FE127E

Hi All.
I've had a couple of FE127E for a while and finally decided to do something with them.

My father who works in a furniture shop helped me build the small recommended box
but I'd like to go ahead, and start planning for a better more complex box that enables me to get the full potential out of these speakers.

I'm going to be using them hooked up to a trendsaudio T-amp.

Anyone has any suggestions?

Many thanks and merry xmas
Having built or heard at least different enclosure designs with FE127E, my short list would include (in order of preference):

Fonken - great stand mounter, fussy build (small hands are handy when it comes time to add the felt lining)

Mileva - shallow/wide floor stander, great for smaller rooms, simple build, great WAF .

Brynn - slightly more complicated build and funkier style than Mileva

For larger rooms ( + 400ft^2 ?) , stereo subs would be recommended at around 80-100 for any of these, otherwise the X-max limits can create some excursion / SPL problems.

(Dave - we need to update the photo gallery at your box plan library)
Hi Guys. thanks for all the help so far.
I'll give you a bit more information.

The amp I'll be using is trendsaudio chipamp, room 4x4metres, music pretty much everything, but mainly jazz.
I'd like to be able to listen to as best bass as you can get from the amp/speakers since at the moment my trandsaudio + wharfedale 9.1 sounds slightly weird and the bass reververates quite a lot for some reason.

jallenbass said:
What about the Metronome? How does it compare to the Fonken and Mileva?

I haven't heard a 127 met yet (just did drawings for one thou). Mileva started out in concept as a folded Met, so i expect bass extension would be similar with the advantages/disadvantages of a baffle not much wider than the driver.

My take is similar to Chris' -- if you can manage the build i'd go with the finesse of the Fonkens -- i don't know how many times i've heard "that's really good, but it isn't a Fonken".

I'd also like to add that Brynn is a GR Fonken with a MoosePort.

I'd still like to try bipole Mets, and the as yet undesigned Curvy Gabriele