Building Classic Amps in U.K.

This is my first post here. Here goes…
I build musical instruments for a living and also have some experience of building high-end audio enclosures. I am now looking for U.K. based tube amp builders/enthusiast to collaborate with - looking to start up a bespoke manufacturing company to produce really top class British guitar amps. Please get in touch if you’re interested.


2010-12-23 7:15 pm
Cornford amps had a great well built product ,brand name recognition and (still have) loyal customer following.. and despite all that they ceased operations in 2013. Maybe you should contact Martin Kidd or Paul Cornford and discuss reviving the line? A couple other very well reputed builders in UK that I know of are Denis Cornell (worked on Sound City and Vox) and Jesse Hoff (Lazy J Projects). Probably be good to contact them for additional market advice. Of course JMFahey is absolutely right on with his suggestions, to bring $$ to the table may be of interest to them in some kind of partnership.