Building an LCD display

Hi everyone,

I'm a new user to the diyAudio forums, though I've been following posts for a little over a year now.

That said :) I'd like to ask if anyone in the forums has any experience assembling LCD displays.

I know a lot of people here are very interested in DIY projectors, but I think this might be an attractive solution as well- especially for a college student like myself who doesnt have the space for a huge projected picture (and i think using a projector to get the smallest infocus image is a bit of a waste of potential) or the money for a new 32+ inch lcd.

However, EBAY is infested with brand new broken aquos displays (and others of the sort) waiting to be fixed up with a new lcd panel. So if anyone knows the possibilities of replacing panels with different types or brands etc, or the technicalities behind how they work, in terms of image processing boards, etc. please share! I know I'll be very glad to get some more info on the topic, and im sure a lot of others on the diyAudio forums will too :D :D :D

Thanks for your help!
- Kael


2005-03-14 12:47 am
Large LCD panels are often near the cost of the whole monitor.

A DIY projector uses, maximum, a 15" LCD. The image is floor-to-ceiling on an 8' wall from about 10' away. We've had college students in here who MADE room for a projector, typically building a rough 2x4 frame along the walls and ceiling to support the projector up there. And their room was always popular for movies...can't underestimate the value of material things in gaining college students as friends!