building an enclosure

You can use 3/4" if you add a little internal bracing. I would seriously consider using 1" MDF however, and possibly for an enclosure that size, if it will be used at high output levels a pair of 3/4" sheets glued and clamped together to make 1.5"

You can use miter joints if you like. That may be the best bet for a nice brushed or sprayed finish, if you are skillful with the cuts and careful with the construction. You can build around a frame if you like. What I usually do is just plain old butt-joints, where the hardest part is subtraction and addition to get the panel sizes correct.
Stocker said:
What I usually do is just plain old butt-joints, where the hardest part is subtraction and addition to get the panel sizes correct.

I use butt joints backed by a bracing strip, and also find it easy to make a mistake with the maths.
After building a box too short, I wrote some software to help me prototype different box sizes and then print my cutting list. I've used it on a few subs now and find it very handy - I think others will too.

Apparently it's frowned apon to post links to yourself in messages, so if you want a copy, see the site details in my profile - go to "Free software" and download "boxnotes". The page also has a link to online instructions.

Note for you Yankees - you will have to work in metric - its a lot easier do the maths to adjust by 1 or 2 mm rather than increments of say 1/64 inch.

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Back to the thread topic.... Unless you're a good woodworker, miter joints are tough to get perfect. Building an internal frame is a very good idea to get a very ridged box that will not have panel flexing. Use at least 3/4 inch MDF if bracing is less than every ~7 inches and/or if the driver in question is capable of over 105db maxSPL

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On topic,
Waste your time and money if you want using 1" or 2 3/4" layers, but you still need bracing anyway. Shelf bracing is best and with an enclosure that size, I'd use 3/4" material and 3 shelf braces with 3 perpendicular cross shelves if I was going for the gusto, but 2 would probably be sufficient.
Thank you Bill, for the kind words on my site.

atnaat, your box will have a side to side resonance of around 190hz. Being a cube, you get this times three!
Worse though, is the driver-to-rear-wall res of about 98hz. I would definitely add some treatment. Especially to the wall behind the driver!

My tip would be to make the box less deep and make the width not equal to the height. Spread the pain!

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On topic, good bracing is theadrod, and 2 layres really dont too muhc over one layre painted with polyester resin. 3/4 (19mm) painted with polyester resin and braced with 5/8" threadrod is very strong ;)