Building an air bearing turntable


2013-05-09 3:31 pm
Hi guys,

I'm going to build an air bearing spindle turntable. I looked with interest at the thread about this in 2008 and thought I would have a go. Would be very grateful for anyone with knowledge about motion control as I have not much of a clue.

Basically, there's these air bearings (just the bearing - no motor) going on ebay for $1400 or so. A compressor and filter isn't so expensive, so was thinking all need to do is get a good motor to run a mylar pulley that would couple to the air bearing. If the pulley is 100:1 then the servo motor could go at - say 3,333 RPM and the spindle with the LP on would rotate at 33.33 RPM.

But when I started reading about this, I got really confused with encoders, controllers, servo motors, linear amplifiers and so on. I'm all a bit lost and don't want to spend more than $1,000 on the motor side of thing.

Can anybody help? I think the sound could be really cool!

Thanks in advance!!