Building a cut off switch.

I want to build a simple pedal that when pressed cut the signal going to the amp. I can do this simply with two input jacks and a switch.

The question I have is if I do it this way would I get a pop to the amp when pressing the switch? Is the 'pop' negated by getting a quality switch or should some other electronics be involved?

I would also like to wire in a two tone led, green when the signal is going thru and red for when the signal is cut. I know I need to wire in a 9v somehow.

Can someone draw me a simple wiring diagram with the components that I need? I am new to this and would appreciate any help given.

I have searched the web for a simple diagram and haven’t been able to find one for a cut switch. A/B switches sure but no simple cut switches. I haven't been able to find one commercially made although I'd like to try to make this myself.