Building a "budget" CNC PCB mill. Advice needed.


2004-03-02 10:43 pm
So, I've started collecting parts for a diy CNC mill for making PCB's, light (as in not heavy duty) engraving etc.

So far I've studier some sites and watched some YouTube videos.

I've ordered the following (will collect parts over time, partly due to budget, partly due to not having decided on design)

Arduino UNO x1
Easy Driver board x3
Nema 17 stepper motors x3
these ones

I haven't decided on a spindle motor, materials, method of moving the three axis:es.

I want to be able to make PCB's with TSSOP28 and if possible even more fine-pitched parts.

I'll have to buy most parts as I don't have the tools needed to make stuff with the needed precision.

First question is, are the easy Driver boards able to drive the stepper motors I've ordered? I'm refering to current capability etc.

Any tips, advice, help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


2004-03-02 10:43 pm
I've ordered the following in addition to already ordered parts:
2x 8mm steel Rod 400mm length.
4x Mounting brackets for the above.
4x Slide bearings with tapped holes for the "moving plate".
3x mounting brackets for the Nema 17 stepper motors.
I also got a pack of regular slide bearings should I need them.

Still undecided on the X,Y mechanism, ballscrews or pulleys and belts.

I also haven't decided on spindle yet. I saw a vid of someone using an extra rod fixed with ballbearings and connected to the electric motor with a coupler.