Building a 2.1 bluetooth system - need help with a XO


2018-12-14 12:36 am
Hi all,

I'm planning to build a 2.1 Bluetooth System.

I wouldn't ming getting your opinion of the project and ALSO I need some help figuring out the XO.

So, here's the project:

2.1 in one 60 L vented box with the following hardware:

- 2 x 4" Dayton Audio Full range, 8 Ohm
- 2 x Dayton Audio Tweeter, 8 Ohm
- 1 x 8" Peerless Subwoofer

- 2.1 Bluetooth Amp

Woofers would have each a 4 L sealed enclosure inside a 60 L vented box.
Subwoofer will be facing down and the whole box would be sitting on 2 - 1/16" feet.

You can see attached picture for a first-draft box design.


I was thinking of putting 2 XOs on the midrange / tweeter and running Sub directly from the amp.

I don't know how to design a crossover, so was hoping to use a pre-made one. I need advice on what XO to use here.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.


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The amp has an electronic XO at 150 which is good but a tad bit high so a down firing woofer is a great move.

I don’t see an electronic high pass for the top channels so more more than likely they are full range. To save the mids you will want to use at least a cap in series with the driver.

Now you can use a good full range 4” and fore go the tweeter but I wouldn’t and I would get one of the expert speaker designers on this fabulous forum to help design a great 2 way.

The whole reason I am posting is because I don’t see an internal divider separating the mids from the woofer air space. You DO want to do that. If I missed it I apologize. Just for the mids. Tweeters are usually sealed on the back and not affected.

Otherwise it looks like a solid design and plan!
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