Build my first speakers with active amp and dsp?

I listen to electronic music and want to have a better listening expériance with some more punch. Now i have a acoustimass 10 systeme and really dont like hoiw the bass sound....

So i think of DIY monitor speaker since it was recomended for electronic music many times.

I was thinking of using wondom jab5 for the amp/crossover what i understand is that i can use 1ch for woofer and 1ch for tweeter and use the DSP to configure the cross over and have volume knob and other setting knob if needed.

How i think it work is that i can test each component limit once in enclosure then tine tune DSP cross over point?

I will be a budget build any component recommendation for those type of speaker...

I rememeber my friend old tannoy M1 bookshelf and really liked then so want to build something like this with build in amp and a mini external amp and run two wire to each speaker!

So you can see im not audiophile since i dont know any proper word haha but would really like ot get a better listening expérence with new speaker!

Thank for your help.