BUI Electronics Amplifier

Hello, The BUI Cruse power series amp line lived just about 1.5 years before going bankrupt back in the day I think it was like 1989 to 91 maybe . I have seen and worked on these early Mosfet monsters.

They were some of the early high powered Mosfet amps and they were gold anodized and they had a very custom designed power supply driver with lots of protection that often tripped the amps offline. They have a 4 ohm 2 ohm selector switch in the power supply section which is located on a separate circuit board inside the amp with jumpers making power connections to the main amp board.
They were well protected by the power supply and they would not run low ohm loads reliably without the protection operating so they lost favor here in Cali for that one reason along with price. They were fairly high priced for their time.
Very clean and well laid out inside and other than that I am drawing a blank so I guess thats about it from memory lane tonight LOL