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Buffalo-IIIsePro ES9038

SOLD - Buffalo-IIIsePro ES9038

Buffalo IIIsePro DAC is fully assembled and working with a Raspberry Pi, it’s set up as an i2c DAC with a switchable SPDIF x 4 input so is ready to become part of a system with little to no extra work.

Buffalo-IIIsePro ES9038 2-Channel DAC w/Full Series Regulator Set

Consists of:
(1) Buffalo-IIIsePro32 (ES9038) 2-Channel DAC Module (Assembled and Tested)
(1) AVCC-SR Dual 3.6V Series Regulator Module (Assembled and Tested)
(2) TridentSR 3.3V Series Regulator Module (Assembled and Tested)
(1) TridentSR 1.3V Series Regulator Module (Assembled and Tested)
[1] Mercury v1.1 Kit plus [1] Placid HD BP Power Supply Kit
[2] LCDPS assembled and working fine
[1] 4:1 Mux/Demux Digital Switch Kit
[1] 4-Position Selector Switch Kit that Connects to the 4:1 Mux/Demux with included cable/connector
[3] Transformers

[1] Raspberry Pi Model 3
[1] Touch Screen with a little scratch (see photo). Sorry.
IEC Power and boot
Custom panels
Wood and feet
Single Ended RCA and Balanced XLR Connectors

I am asking for £xxx.


I hope this time everything working.​
Thank you.
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