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Buffalo DAC + parts

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Buffalo III SE Pro DAC + many parts & extras

Selling my Buffalo DAC III SE-Pro with issues (somtimes it just decide to do a lot of dropouts)
Including a lot of parts. A couple of dead(?) BuffaloDac pcb's; (B-II-9018 & B-IIISE-9018), IVY III , old IVY, unbilt Legato kit complete, + lots of extras; Otto, sidecar, Counterpoint, ...see pictures.
I have had it with the lack of response from Twisted...they do not even answer private messages from their own forum.

Product listing: Twisted Pear Audio

Sold to Finland
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more pictures.


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hi Arne, can you isolate the fault to a board? I am wondering if you can just pass over it with a hot air gun and see if it solves the problem? Maybe try sp/dif into the buffalo card and see if it helps. it looks like a nice dac, good luck.

Tried direct-coupled spdif, and add-on-card, having trouble switching between the two. probably a firmware issue, or me not understanding the settings/dipswitches... maybe due to the great documentation...?
The guys at Twisted Pear are more active in this forum than their own. They may not be the fastest but they have been helpful to me when was needed.
It might as well be the I2S or SPDIF card you have. Sometimes devil it in details. But you if you are all set for selling them, for faster sale, mention the working status of each board (I hope memory serves)
Sorry to hear about the problems with your build. My Buffalo 3SE has never missed a beat and I've had excellent support from the TPA guys when I experienced a non-working Cronus board (it was replaced immediately at no cost).

Anyway, it looks like you have quite a selection of bits and pieces to dispose of but it's difficult to see exactly what you have; it would be helpful if you made a listing of all the items along with the price you expect to get for each?
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