Budget Subs - Infinity or Eminence


2011-08-20 6:02 am
I have been an open baffle guy, but am lending some consideration to moving away from the OB bass and making some monopole subs, and was curious about which avenue the sub-initiated would choose and why.



Reference 1262w - Infinity US

The Infinity is well documented, but am curious about the Eminence 15's and their capabilities. They have less XMAX but have larger displacement etc. Has anyone built anything with them?

I was thinking of building a pair of subs for my system to handle the low end. Currently play with a mix of flat baffle and Hframe 18's. Usually have different tops and configurations and use an active setup. Am considering adding Mini-DSP for the subs as well.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Infinity needs less power for same output in LF, 100W for sealed Infinity and +175W of Eminence reflex speaker in same volume enclosure. Interesting comparison, both good in quater waves too. The Eminence is more sensitive but that doesn't matter very much since it requires more power.