Budget speaker choice for 15 PP EL84 Amp


2012-07-06 12:35 pm
Hi all,
Ive been searching for a budget speaker (current used value) that my little 15w PP EL84 Valve Amp will drive to respectable levels of volume.

My 1990s KEF Cresta III floorstanders are 90DB, but I think are a bit much for this little amp.

Ive seen a few pairs of old 70s Wharfdales/ Celestion/ Leaks for sale for little money on Ebay.

The question I have is if speaker efficiency is the only criteria I should be looking at in terms of increasing volume output?

It's just that most of these older speakers have DB figures lower then my KEFs, but are rated at a lot lower power & were manufactured at a time where valve was alot more common. Therefore, would an old 20w speaker with say, 88DB be easier to drive louder then 100w, 90DB modern KEFs?

I can't find anything around with 95DB+ without talking big money.

Thanks :)