Budget Headphones


2004-08-02 10:04 pm
Also, for a little more money, have a look at Grado SR60i.

Also, Senheiser CX400 II will easily fit your budget and I've heard good things about them. I've also listened a pair and enjoyed them, although I would definitely go with the Grado for the difference in price.
I was worried when i got my sr80's for work , but I have to say at normal listening levels , the pc fan and other noises in the office are much more than what is put out by my headphones ,and have NO issues with the sr80's in my office enviroment. PLus they have AWESOME sound.

But for super cheap closed headphones. I loved my older KOSS ur30's (basically ur20's that can fold up into a bundle) Although after about 6 years of office duty the ur30's have broken. Speakers are still fine , but plastic is broken.

The grado's simple design looks MUCH stronger.
I'll put in another vote for Koss. The UR40s and UR55s are open, but both are covered by lifetime warranties. I haven't heard the UR55s, but the UR40s with the titanium drivers are just amazing headphones for $40. Koss also offers sales of 20% off or more on their oline shopping, but Amazon has great prices on most Koss gear.

The Grado sound signature is either a love it or hate it proposition. They are fun headphones for rock, but they absolutely butcher female voices and recess the midrange. Their foam earpads are easily damaged and really irritated my ears after any extended listening periods.

I was also really impressed with my Sony EX81 earbuds that came with my Sony A816 DAP once I replaced the tips with Comply foam tips. They are my beat around earphones that I wear when doing yard work and such.

I've found that too much isolation can be a problem in an office. I can't hear my phone ring with closed cups even at reasonable levels.