Budget DIY Studio Monitors


2007-12-11 3:43 pm
Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and would be grateful to hear some of your suggestions for a new project I have been tasked with ;)

A bunch of my friends who are mostly students (hence the low budget) who have music production as a hobby, would like me to build them studio monitors for their home studio or mostly bedroom setups.

I recon that they'd be used for 60% electonic music and 40% acoutical/instrumental. The cabinets that I am planning to build will be 2-way with a dome tweeter and an 8" mid/bass driver. The cabinet size will be fairly standard for this size of driver and will rated around 125-150 watts RMS per passive cabinet.

The cabinets will be a custom bass-reflex design with ports at the front. Good bass extension is important and they will need to have a typically flat response as would normally be associated with this type of loudspeaker. As you'd expect, I'd like them to have a decent level of clarity and neutral tonal characteristics.

Okay so here's my question, what recommendations can you offer me for the drivers? I can afford to spend around £45 (~$90) per set of drivers for each cabinet. I live in the UK, however I would consider puchasing the drivers from abroad.

Here's what I'm after:

8" woofer £25-30
Watts: ~100 RMS
SPL @1W: 88-94dB
FS: 32 (+/- 4) lower fs preferred
Cone type: polymer preferred although not essential
Max x-over point: 3.5 - 4 KHz

Tweeter £15-20
1 - 1.5" soft dome
Watts: ~40 - 50 RMS
SPL @1W: 88-94dB
X-over: ~2KHz
Max range: 20-22KHz+ preferable

Can anyone offer some suggestions for a pair of well matched drivers? Or even a single driver that you regard highly for this price bracket? I read another post about DIY monitors on here but unfortunately the drivers suggested exceeded my limited budget....

I promise to post photos here of the finished product when they've been completed ;)