Budget D'Appolito Floorstanders to replace MS20i

Just moved house and my MS20i are struggling to remain clean in the much larger living space. Have been working on bass guitar cab designs for a while now and thought I'd put that knowledge to some use in producing some hi-fi speakers too, however the world of hi-fi drivers is very different to pro audio ones!

I'd like to continue using my exisiting Rotel RA-971MkII amp, 60W/8 ohms, 90W/4 ohms per channel. A tall thin floorstander will take up the same amount of space as my MS20i on stands whilst giving more enclosure space for better bass. I'd rather stick with 2-way designs to reduce crossover costs/problems. Doubling up on woofers seems a good idea to increase sensitivity, power handling, power from amp, and reduce excursion and thus distortion for a given SPL.

Am looking at cheaper drivers - and am in the UK. Wilmslow Audio seem to have a fair choice and the Monacor SPH-135c seems to plot out fairly well in WinISD Pro - 35 litres and 41Hz tuning gives F3 @ 39Hz. Any better suggestions for similar cost? (£170 for all four woofers). Then one of the numerous dome tweeters available - which are the obvious choices in this price bracket?


Hi Alex,
My current MTM project seems very close to your spec. One brief listen shows considerable promise, more news to come later.

These use Seas ER18RNX and 27TDFC units in a vented floor standing box of about 40 litres. Jay has a detailed design on his pages for a 38 litre unit, could be ideal for you!

The ER18RNX are almost in your budget - but I'd say it's well worth stretching the budget a bit to use them. Very good drivers, excellent value.
The 27TDFC looks ideal for you. Quality is high, value is very high, and technically they suit an MTM well as they can be crossed over fairly low which is ideal for an MTM. Look no further.

Ask here or email me for more info.