Budget DAC


2013-04-28 9:34 am
Hello all I've done some reading and searched this board but would like some assurance. The headphone jack on my laptop is buggered, i had previously used it to feed my audioengine a2's and ear buds. The sound wasn't great but i never had the impetus to remedy it, now i do. My question is what budget DAC to buy. I've read good things about the HiFimeDIY sabre DAC and at £35 delivered it seems like a bargain. Would i be better off with this of the FiiO E10 Olympus (£65)? Any advice would be appreciated, cheers.


2009-06-24 10:49 pm
Focusrite's VRM Box is difficult to beat for the price; CS4398+MAX4477. The VRM models are bassy and Focusrite's ASIO driver has longstanding problems with Intel Core chipsets. So your mileage may vary with the fancy features, but it works quite well as a straightforward DAC operating as a USB audio device under the OS's default USB drivers.
I have a UCA 202, which was better than my Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Card. I also have the Hifimediy ES9023+TE7022 24/96 USB Dac. The ES9023 is significantly better than the UCA 202, and the price is almost the same. I understand the UCA 222 is not any better than the UCA 202, as the hardware is the same. My Behringer has been sold.

To my knowledge, the Hifimediy is the best inexpensive DAC out there.