Budget Audax HT

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Hello. First post, but I've been here reading and searching for a while.

I am looking for a real low cost set of HT speakers. I looked at the budget Dayton HT kit also the pop/grandpop from Adire. I was looking at the Audax kit, but I don't want to spend that much.

Could the surrounds from the Audax kit (6.5mid/tweet) be used all around for a cheaper/easier to build HT setup. This would be a lot closer in price and configuration to the kits listed above, but I think the drivers may offer a bit better peformance.?

Anyone care to make a suggestion or comment on this idea?

Re: Re: Budget Audax HT

planet10 said:

I can't speak fpr any of the other kits mentioned, but we uilt a set of grand-pops and their performance is remarkable, even more so given the cost of entry.


If you don't mind me asking; what power level and what type of receiver/amp did you drive them with? I am probably going to buy a low cost receiver such as JVC or Techniques. Probably a 60-75 wpc receiver. I don't want a difficult load to drive, in otherwords. Did you build pops for the rear surrounds or Grandpops all around?

Do you think these produce enough SPL to blend properly with a single 12" sealed Shiva crossed at 80Hz down? with 150 watts.
Dear jwv3,

I would not suggest to change the tweeter here.
The TM025F1 is the smallest and cheapest tweeter of the new small neodymium series. There is a cheaper one still - the TW010F1 - but this one will need a different crossover with higher frequency, which is not very good together with the the polymer woofer, which has much more resonances beyond 2kHz (look at the datasheets).

The cheapest Audax combination will probably be a combination of a paper cone woofer (more relaxed concerning cone breakup resonances) and a small tweeter.

My suggestion would be (following the data specs):

TW 010 F1
HP 130 M0 (or the HP130G0) (all 5'!)
All non-screened !

Put all this in a closed box of 5l (or 8l) with a simple crossover (6db, f about 3kHz or better more; the HP130 M0 (not the HP130 G0)could probably even work with out a coil, so all you need will be a filmcap - and a resistor maybe).

The predecessors of the TW010 were very succesful tweeters mounted in many well renound loudspeakers from respected british manufacturers like Royd, Richard Allen, Heybrook an others.
But one suggestion: Put the tweeter in a seperate airtight chamber, the helps the sound significantly - and stabilizes the case too.

This could be the cheapest serious speaker you can make - Audax chassis are really cheap here in the part of the world - at least for me ;-)

Good luck building (and "cheapskating") !
Keep us informed !


ps: I am at the moment listening to the local HiQ radio station playing some Zydeco music with custom made loudspeakers, which I made in the mid-eighties, using the TW 74 together with the really fantastic MHD 10 P 25 FSM as midbass (!) in a small closed (tweeter decoupled and completely non-resonant) box with a complex 12db crossover, hooked to a "small amplifier using two LM3875s".

Thanks for the suggestions. I will look into the drivers you recommended. However, I was thinking of using the exact drivers in the surrounds of the Audax kit. The AP170ZO aerogel mid and the TM025F1 tweeter. Mainly wanted to do this because the crossover is already designed and the drivers are not too expensive for me. $32 for the mid and $18/tweet from Parts Express should keep me in my budget. It is the original design of MTM L/R and four driver center chanel that brings the cost up quickly.
I'm in the process of building the Audax HT front speakers. I've decided to change the design slightly, by making the cabinets tall (and narrow) floorstanders and mounting the port on the front baffle. I hope that this will enable me to place the speaker close to the wall, therefore reducing the diffraction caused by the narrow baffle. If this doesn't work, i'll add circuitry to cure the problem. Any thoughts on the idea?

With respect to budget, i've found that the crossover componets have blown my initial budget. The designs call for high quality inductors (air cored) and capacitors (i'm using SOLEN). Make sure you allow for this in your calculations.

I'll post a review of the finished speakers when i'm satisfied.
I guess I am still going to try my idea. I think I have my brother talked into building them first. The plan is; if we like the setup with single woofer per speaker, I'll build a second set for myself. If not, we will split up the drivers and just use them for the rear, and build mtm's for the front. I'll let you know the outcome.
I've just completed the main speakers, and they sound great. It took about 10hours of running in, but i'm well happy with the results. As i've only reduced the front baffle by about 5cm, the baffle loss doesn't seem to be too bad. They sound best about 30cm from the wall. THe bass is extended, yet tight and fast.

i still building system use audax too the tweeter is TM025F1 and the woofer is VP170Z4 .I put this driver for car audio use.Need advice for tweeter crossover schematic,Now i use simple 12 db system and the sound too many ssss...,the high is very not relax.

Please advice if anyone already succes with this tweeter..:)
Audax HT

I have built the Audax HT kit to the specs of the Kit and am very happy with the results. As mentioned before Parts Express is having a sale on the Drivers. I used the kits from Madisound with the crossovers already assembled. Wanted to save time. I incresed the front baffle and back to 1 1/2" and added a bracing to the all the speakers. The following link will help you on the center speaker. It is quite a large speaker, so beware. I am building the sub at the moment. I am using Zalytrons 12" woofer with an apex senior amp. The music sound is good the movie sound is great. I am using a Denon 2803 receiver. Without a sub my bass is lacking a bit, but the mids and highs are great. If you have any questions let me know.

Audax Surrounds

I'm new to this forum, first post. I just picked up the Audax rear surround kit from solen. This is going to be my first project and I'm really pumped to get it going. Parhill, so you pretty well followed the design to the letter then eh? The cabinets for the rear surrounds are really strait forward, one of the reasons I chose them for a first project. Has anyone built this particular kit, and if so, you have any tips for me? Thanks a lot guys....
Audax HT

I have included some pics and how I put them together. I used MDF for all the boxes. I added 3/4" Birch plywood to the back of all the speakers making the backs 1-1/2" thick. I added a brace from left to right on the surrounds between the T and M and two braces on the left and right fronts in the same manner. I veneered the sides, top and bottom with birch veneer and then stained the boxes with fruitwood stain. Added two coats of poly. I then attached the Baffle (Painted Black) with clamps and glue making the fronts 1-1/2" thick. Crossovers were put in last if they would fit through the M openings, before if they would not. I covered all internal surfaces with foam. I used the Jasper Jig to flush mount the speakers. I added poly stuffing to the fronts and later took most of it out. I like the sound without for the vented inclosures. (Would Like to know what others think of this). I stuffed the sealed surrounds with poly. I suffed the closed portion of the center but not the rest. If you have any questions on the boxes let me know. The crossovers should be left to the experts.

So you've completed pretty well the whole kit minus the sub? I'm building the surrounds as my only two speakers for my 8'x12' room. I hope that will be enough for me for now. How are the surrounds specifically? I'm using 3/4" MDF all around except I'm going to double it up on the front and back to make 1.5" total there. About how much do the surrounds end up weighing? The link you posted above shows only the center channel (unless I missed something), do you have pics of how you did the surrounds too? Thanks!

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