Budged DAC ( Usb or otherwise )


2010-09-02 10:28 am
Hello , i am searching for a good DAC for future hi-fi setup. I will be using a PC as a digital source -> DAC -> LM3886 diy chipamp -> Fullrange horns

I am currently looking at : Musiland monitor 2 US and HRT music streamer II. From what i have read , the musicstreamer is better but if i understand correctly i would also need a pre-amp to use it , and that is too much for me atm. If anyone has better ideas/suggestions on other USB DACs+Preamps i would really appreciated. Also please check that i am right on needing a pre-amp , if not , i would go for the musicstramer.
Price range is 100-200$ , maybe a really tiny bit higher.



2009-02-28 1:24 pm
Um can you send me a link? Ive looked at the innards of both units via searches. I cant find a monitor 2 US with a volume control on the front. All the ones i see have rca out and 2 headphone outs, thats it. No volume control.

personally id go with music streamer II. It requires no special drivers, and can do 24 bit/96khz (the limit of driverless usb). Also you speak with humans. Go head and try it, they answer my questions even on Saturday. Also i like the layout of the streamer II more, not much to clutter the signal. The monitor has several bandaids and custom drivers + firmware updates to get the 24bit 192khz usb 2.0 spec. The just made a mini pc with a programable gate array chip that actually boots.

On the audio end they are almost carbon copies of each other. Both use the PCM1793 dac chip. Both use 1 opamp to convert the balanced dac out to unbalanced rca out and also act like a buffer.