Bucket brigade IC


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Integrated Circuit
1024 Stage BBD for Audio Signal Delays
The NTE1641 is a 1024¨Cstage long delay low noise BBD that provides a signal delay of up to
51.2msec. This device is suitable for use as the reverberation effect of an electronic musical instrument,
or in stereo equipment, due to its long delay times.
- Variable delay time of audio signal: 5.12ms to 51.2ms.
- Clock component cancellation capability.
- No insertion loss: Li = 0dB typ.
- Wide dynamic range: S/N ≅ 80dB typ.
- Wide frequency response: fi ¡Ü 12kHZ.
- Low distortion: THD = 0.5% typ. (Vi = 0.78Vrms)
- Clock frequency range: 10 to 100kHZ.
- P channel silicon gate process.
- 8¨CLead DIP plastic package.


Integrated Circuit
CMOS Clock Generator/Driver for BBDs
The NTE1639 is a CMOS LSI Clock Generator ina 8¨CLead DIP type package capable of generating
two phase clock signals of low output impedance for use as a BBD driver. The built¨Cin VGG power
supply circuit provides the proper voltages needed for driving BBDs such as the NTE1641.
- BBD Direct Driving Capability of up to two BBD¡¯s
- Self and Separate Oscillations.
- Two Phase Clock Output (Duty: 1/2)
- Built¨Cin VGG Voltage Generator for Driving the NTE1641 BBD.
- Single Power Supply: ¨C8V to ¨C16V.
- BBD Clock Generator/Driver.

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