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First post after browsing these forums for a year and playing with various ebay and ali inexpensive amps. I must not be an audiophile, because I find even the cheap amps sound quite good. I have a full house, multi-room audio system using Apple Airport Express, feeding small tube pre-amps and class D amps (TDA7498/E, TPA3116D2 (dual and single), TPA3255), driving various speakers from PSB, Paradigm, Energy, etc.

My question is regarding the ICE125ASX2 module setup in BTL to drive a continuous 200w into 8 ohms, to drive my collection of Energy 22's. I could have sworn I searched ebay/ali for a BTL icepower based finished amp to no avail. Then I came across this today:

BTL ICEPOWER Power amplifier HIFI Stereo ICE125ASX2 Digital power amplifier 250W | eBay

Definitely a price jump over my typical sub $100 amps. But I do want to be nice to my vintage Energy speakers :)

Thoughts? Does this look like a decently constructed amp?

Are there other icepower amps, with similar 200w continuous low distortion specs, around the same price range?

I'm not savvy enough (yet) for a diy build, without some hand holding. Hence why I'm looking for a finished product.
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If the boards are original you will be fine. kind of pricey.

If you want to try the diy path, the sure amps are a great way. I have this setup

Meanwell HLG-150h-48a. These are sealed waterproof power supplied designed for 24/7/365 ussage at full power. This one will supply 150 watts at 48 volts. I am using it at 40. Sealed, waterproof and with power safety built in.

amp: 500W capable/ Me, im a running it with a 140 watts power suppy

Sure Electronics AA-AB31511 1x500W Class D Audio Amplifier Board Compact - T-Amp

My box is an old discarded computer. All you need is to connect the power to the amp, the power supply to power, rca to the input and banana pugs or bare cables to the output. NO need for power harness. Fir seven dollars you can get also a volume control

AA-AA11117 Digital Volume Control Kit

Two(2) Meanwell HLG-150h-48a LED driver. Goes great with QB288 Quantum Board | eBay


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