BSS 129 (TO92 Low power mosfet) OK for pre-amps?


2002-02-15 1:42 am
I've spent the last couple of weeks listening to a friend's single-ended line stage, featuring the BSS 129 low power mosfet. To my ears, its a goody.

Does anyone have experience of this or any other low power mosfet for low level audio work?

Whata are the reasons why this device should (or shouldn't) work well?

Thanks in advance.
MOSFET's are not suitable as an input transistor but they are swell in casodes and output stage. The only time they are very suitable are in inputstages in radios. MOSFET's (mostly dual gate) are very low noise at 100 MHz and above!

If you check my monster headphone amp QRV-01, you can see how I have done. The original design had MOSFET's in the high gain stage just before the output stage. I used Supertex Fets with Rdson 4 omhs and 3 A, 90 V, small metal can. Excellent results, see the techinical data!

Unfortuneatly Supertex don't make them anymore if you don't want >100 000 - 1000 000 pieces!