BSC filter for Fostex FE103E in bass reflex

Hi to everybody,

I am a new arrival in this beautiful forum. I am really not an expert and I just built my first speakers: FE103E in the standard 6 liters bass reflex enclosure recommended by Fostex.
I would like to check what is the effect of a BSC filter on the sound.
Can you suggest the correct L, R, C values for the filter?
Looking in this forum I found the Solo103 project ( proposing L=0.82mH, C=4.7microF, R=10ohm, but in a smaller enclosure (4.9 liters).
Can I use the same values?

Thank you a lot for your help

Thank you Sreten.

At an audio show I was impressed by the very small 47Lab Lens speakers ( Then I noted that these speakers look remarkbly similar to the recommended Fostex FE103E bass reflex speakers: the volume is the same (6 liters) , the driver is 10cm and the shape of the driver is also identical; moreover the diameter of the bass reflex port looks equal.
Only the color of the driver is different (grey instead of the Fostex banana white), but 47Lab claims a proprietary driver with special coating.
The sensitivity of the 47Lab speakers is rated 84db suggesting a BSC filter.

My FE103E reflex sound very good in the near-field of my very small studio room, but there are no bass, as expected, when i put them in the larger living room.
So I am curious to try myself the BSC filter.

Thank youagain