Brush Soundmirror early tape recorder?


2005-09-26 8:41 pm

Not exactly state-of-the-art high fidelity, but anyway...

From a former employee of Carad, a Belgian manufacturer of audio equipment (disappeared in 1975), I got this picture of a tape recorder, the EMR32PA, which they manufactured around 1951-1952.

While the cabinet, power supply and the pre/amplifier look quite like their later model the R62 (production started in 1954), the mechanic middle part seems to be borrowed. It looks like a Brush Soundmirror from around 1950 or a British Thermionics Soundmirror, manufactured under license from Brush, I think.

The pictured microphone and its box have "Brush" on it.

Any pointers to more information about this tape drive mechanism would be appreciated.


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