Broken CAS2 Amp

Hello all,

I collect old solid-state amplifiers and recently rented will problem with my CAS 2. I have only owned it for two months, and it worked great until today. While demonstrating it for friend of mine, I suddenly smelled the odor of burning carbon resistors. This was preceded by a little bit of distortion which I presumed was in the 50-year-old recording I was listening to.

Upon opening up the cover, I found that one channel had about six burnt carbon resistors on the board. To actually got hot enough to melt the solder a drop off the pad. As this had become one of my favorite amps very quickly, I would really like to fix it.

I am looking for any suggestions on what to look at, and perhaps a better schematic that has been loaded on this form previously.

Any help or suggestions would greatly appreciated.

CAS2 differs from CAS1 by having more output transistors. Input and VAS are pretty much the same. There are not six resistors that could all burn at the same time. Can you identify exactly which resistors, by resistance (color codes if readable) and wattage and by location on pcb. How about a picture showing which resistors.

I have two CAS1 and a CAS2, all of which I have repaired in the last few years.