bridged SOZ

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Just wondering whether this would be a good idea or not ?

I love these designs - so simple - but i would like to get more power out of it.

I thought about making a 30 Watt SOZ and bridging it to get
120watts. But im not sure if this will degrade the sound greatly or not?

I've also seen people here mention parralelling amp's, but i cant find an explaination. Can anyone help me on this one.
In another post, I first became familiarized with the SOZ, which is currently a project in the planning for my first attempt at an amplifier. I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but the SOZ is designed as a monoblock, with only 1 output per amp, so you can't "bridge" it, in the sense that you can't combine two channels into a single output.

From what I've heard, you can forget about paralleling this amp. For a thirty watt output, you would need about a 1.2kva transformer for the power supply per amp, and the draw from your house's lines/circuit breakers would be approaching its limits already. But if you plan on putting 4 of these babies in a room, plan on doing some serious rewiring in your home. Also, 2 amps with relativley low power put out massive amounts of heat. Double that, and you could "heat two Alaskan homes in the winter".

If you need more power, well, the SOZ wasn't designed to be efficient in the least. If you still want a Pass labs design, other much more efficient projects can be found at

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Normally in a live sound application (professional concert sound) matching of the output wattage to the speaker is critical due to the fact that these systems are pushed to the limit over a long period. It is just as deadly to a speaker to underpower as it is to overpower due to clipping (overload) in the amp burning up the coil in the speaker. However i doubt that you have a 100 ft. living room so 120 watts seems a little excessive(unless your not married). Then by all means jam away. Most listening is done at much lower levels (5 to 25 watts). Given the eff. of your speakers (92db) A 30 watt SOZ would sound real nice. I drove mine from a BOSOZ set at 10db of gain and never drove the amps into clipping. It seems that the ZEN amp can be bridged but i'm not so sure about the SOZ as you will have a pos. volts on the pos. speaker ter. and a neg. volts on the neg. speaker ter. At least 1/3 of your supply voltage. Normally dc volts will burn a voice coil but due to the tight matching req. of the SOZ the + and - volts are equal so the speaker sees nothing. Pretty amazing I think. Thats why i'm not sure if you could bridge the SOZ. You refer to an A70. Is that the Pass A75? If so , I just finished one of those and you wont be dissapointed. I also have a matched set of mosfets for the A75 for sale in the trading post section. Good luck:)
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