Bridged chip amp to current drive

Hello, who knows to model in Spice a schematic for a bridged current drive amp?

For example for a TDA2003 amp?

Schematics here and proposition how to do it from Esa Merilainen.

It's possible, so why not try out?

It would be great to see it. I would try it out (build one) if I would know which parts are needed. And give feedback.


  • bridging Esa Merilainen principle.gif
    bridging Esa Merilainen principle.gif
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  • TDA2003 bridged schematic.png
    TDA2003 bridged schematic.png
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You asked a model in spice. This is not a tried out circuit, it is a quick designed to show the feasibility. The distortion values might be relatively high. If you use the Chinese TDA2050, $1.5 for 10units, you can get better result as these chips are stable with unity gain, so lower distortion for the inverter and do not need output RC to be stable. You can make it single supply by creating Vcc/2 to replace the grounds and add input capacitor. The output inductor is optional for stability.
This vendor sells per unit and I got the best quality not what shown with thick leads. The LM1875 are cheaper $1/10u, inside are the same chips but slightly less open loop gain.
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