bridge mode for LM 3875

I have now made up a small stereo amp using 2 lm 3875 based on the circuit from ESP page for Lm 3876 with some changes because of no mute funktion on the lm 3875.
I will like to know if I can use the Amp i bridge mode?
my speaker are 8 ohm.

Is it good for me to use the ESP project 14 ?

Or if I want to use the power ic's for bridge It will be better for me to base the amp on the LM3886 ic's ?

I already tryed to use 2 lm 3875 in bridge mode.
but i was not shure how to do, so I based it on the
application note for lm 1875 bridge mode.

It played but it get very hot. and maked big noise when turned on.

jeppe c.