Bride of Zen Volume Pot

I'm in the process of sourcing materials for the Pass Bride of Zen preamp and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a volume pot. The plans specify a dual 5k volume control, but finding this creature has been difficult. Also, I have what may be a stupid question: should that be a linear or audio (log) taper pot? The plans don't specify. I assume audio ... but I just want to make sure.



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2000-10-10 7:27 pm
I found a 5k audio pot at MECI for about $1. I use it in my BOZ. Not to shabby. It's tiny, sealed and smooth. That was a few years ago. But who knows, they may still have some.

I don't mean to pick on you, but you (plural) guys really need to put something in your profiles, at least where you are from. That way, we can send you to the closest parts places to you. This is a very international site. Just a friendly suggestion. ;)

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I started out with an Alps which I thought was pretty good and then a pal brought over his DACT CT-2 which simply destroyed the Black Beauty and so I bought the 10k DACT.

I was trying to sell my BOZ untill I put this attenuator in and now I think I will stick with it.

You can get a good deal on one at and I can not recommend the CT-2 highly enough.

Tony D.


2001-05-12 12:28 pm