Bride of Zen or Balanced Zen Line Stage?

First off, I am very glad I stumbled across this board in cyberland :) The amount of technical knowledge I have read in some of the posts is astounding...

Anyway, I have decided to build a preamp :) I am undecided on the Bride of Zen or the Balanced Zen Line Stage. Balanced inputs / outputs are not necessary since I do not own any equipment that uses them. That being the case, it would seem the Bride of Zen would suffice. However, if the Zen Line Stage made with the balanced inputs / outputs is a large improvement over the Bride of Zen, then I am tempted to go that route.

Any suggestions on which route to go would be greatly appreciated. Also, any help with choices on parts or help too. This will be my first true DIY from scratch anything, so I'm a little nervous :)

Thanks in advance.


2001-08-17 6:00 pm
If you should read the article carefully you can use it unbalanced to unbalanced. Just use a phase of the input and a phase of the output. I have the balanced inputs and outputs in place, in case i decided to go crazy and built myself a 50W SOZ :) have fun with it....and your ears will thank you for it....