Bride of Zen on a shoestring

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Since I've been accused on more than one occasion of showing creations that might be out of reach for some members of this forum I present here something that can be easily and cheaply done and looking nice as well.;) This is BOZ I built for my brother in law.


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The PCBs were done and designed by me. I always prefer to use relay switching mounted directly on input and output connectors, minimum wiring this way and purer signal paths. I used separate transformer for relays. Input potentiometer is 100K Nobel sourced from Sonic Frontiers. The toroid is mounted on a thick copper plate.


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AHem well i have one thing in my preamp that you dont...

murcury wetted relays i have about 400 of them in a box in my shop hehe paps gave them to me.. he didnt need them and said that they are perfect for noise free switching in a pre amp..

so well im using them..

( not all of them but a few.. )

yeah that is my plann but i might change it because it is kinda big.. Anthony ordered me 2 toroidials for the preamp witch is what is required but ill have to wait till they get here and then start my preamp.. but all my parts are going to be here VIA anthony next week some time

i got all the caps transisters fets resisters binding postes lots of crap 300.00 worth of junk LOL

then i have to buy toroidals for my aleph amps then caps but for now some money is going on my new apple g4 mac..

: O )
It is true that it's looks good on the outside and as I said before it cost me around CAD 40 for case, knobs and switches. Good combination of colors and thought out placement of controls is a ticket to beauty;) . I call it "on a shoestring", because normally I would use 1/4" aluminum instead of thin sheet metal, 2 separate toroids, more caps in PS and true mono layout.

But this one sounds really good too.
a couple of questions...


Your "shoestring" BOZ looks really good, but your comments brought a couple of questions to mind... well, maybe more than a couple.

What is the purpose of the thick copper plate the transformer is mounted to?

I'm starting to gather parts for a BoSoZ, and I'm interested in your use of relays for signal switching. Any recommendations from relays you've tried?


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