Brian GT chip amp build Questions


2006-11-26 6:12 pm
Hi, I am building my first amplifier and had two questions. How do I know if the led is positioned correctly? Second I have a large iron core transforme with three secondery wire-- ca I shre the cener tap with both boards.
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I believe that long tail of the LED is the pos terminal....don't shoot me if I am wrong....but it is listed somewhere in the manual. I think that there is a marking on the PS board showing where the long tail is supposed to go.

As for your transformer situation...I have a question for you. Are you saying the the transformer has 3 secondary widings (6 wires), or it has 3 wires coming out of it (ie 2 colored wires and common). If the second situation is the case then there is a certain way that you should setup your PS (which escapes me at the moment) but do some searching in the chip amp forum and you will find it.

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Just a sec to verify. .. so the transformer has 2 wires on one end for input and 3 wires on the other end for output--a normal center tap transformer?

If so, check out the photo at this post:

On a center tap transformer's power supply, each amplifier has only one ground wire from power supply to amplifier. That terminal is marked "CG" on your amplifier boards.

You can do a stereo layout (powers both amplifiers) nicely, if you make all the wires exactly the same length for both amplifiers. ;)

I think the rest is on that post.