Breeze Audio DV20A dac-less version

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Do you know this thread?

SD Card Memory FLAC/WAV 192/24 player - ESS crescendo II - AK4495 - DV20A

IMO the weakest part of the DV20A is the output stage. I have a version of the DV20A with a custom output stage (as pictured in the thread above).
Night and day difference. Sounds awesome... finally getting rid of all things USB.

I don't know about a version of the DV20A without DAC.

Btw. Best regards to Odemira. Been there many times (in the region) on vacation. My brother lives near Estibeira just before Sao Teotonio. :)
Thank you Stixx!

Yes I read the thread, it is just that I already have a Breeze Audio 4495seq dac, the one from Audio Phonics in France also known as the Aquarius dac or something with a name like that, that I like very much.

Odemira is nice, I live closer to Ourique but I do visit Odemira regularly and in summer Mile Fontes of course:) I know Sao Teotonio a little bit, had a PA gig there few years ago.

Thanks for responding perhaps the DV20A with dac is still a good idea if I can get a better output stage for it.
It has volume control which would be very handy!

Best regards, Veeren
All in one :
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I have had one of those for some time now. Not sure I'd recommend it, for various reasons like the buttons stopped working and needed replacing - presumably the contacts oxidize due to lack of gold plating. It plays fine with some SDcards but not with others. Its cheap though and does handle more than just 44k1, its current consumption is low.
I don't think digital sources have a sound quality per se, rather the sound quality in-system is determined by a small number of factors. As far as I can tell, its bit perfect so that's not an issue. Its a low jitter source as the crystal oscs generate the clocks, I haven't looked into whether the particular oscs are low phase noise ones or whether the clock division is handled sensibly. There isn't any indication they've used a special regulator for powering those clocks so I'd guess tweaks are possible.

The other major factor contributing to in-system subjective performance is CM noise - that will largely depend on the external supply. In its substantial favour is the low power consumption - this means for example a battery supply is entirely a practical proposition which will deliver zero CM noise.

Hope this helps.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.