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breaking in amp and Tubes, TSE.

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Have my TSE 300B amp all packaged up and running. After hearing stories about voltage regulators over heating and shutting down, I've been really paranoid about running her to long. I installed a 2.25" Square, 24volt fan, running on 12 volts inside the power supply, aiming at the heat sink with the voltage regulator on it. Oh, I built two chassis. I split two circuit brds. and made a separate power supply, and amp. Connected with a cable.
I left the electrolytic capacitors in the filament supply. George said that they would not effect the sound. I replaced all the electrolytic caps on the B+, and B- supplies with mundorf poly tube caps mounted on top of the amp and attached with short twisted pair wires. C8, and C10 in the amp circuit were 4700uf. To big to replace with poly's, so they stayed. Resistors, R5 was weird. I tried 5 mills 5 watt wire wounds and each time they blew as soon as I turned on power. A 2 watt metal film worked fine. So I settled on a Vishay 3 watt metal film in the R5 position. R6 was a 6 watt 10K resistor. Here I put a Vishay 10K, 10 watt, wire wound that I had on hand. All other resistors, 1/4 watt resisters are .1% Vishay naked Z-Foil. From Texas Components.The 120K ones they custom made for me. For a price. All higher wattage resistors are custom made , Vishay, .1% naked S-Foils. The .1% is about one dollar extra as compared to the 1% from Texas Components, if I remember correctly.
Speaker binding post are Eichmenn Binding Posts. RCA's are WBT Next Gen Silvers, connected to circuit brd. with VH Audio Pulsar Silver Coax cable.
Back to break in. I have 20 Hrs. on the Psvane Treasure MKII 300B Tubes. Maybe twice that on the amp with my cheap O 300B's. I have run the amp for 2 hours straight with out the fan. I need to get some hours on the tubes and my new BK-16 speakers with Fostex FE166en's in them. So I ran it for 5 hours today. But I turned the fan on. I don't like to because it noisy. I need to look for another fan and hope that it's not as noisy.
I'll keep you posted if anything weird happens. But for now everything seems to be working fine. Oh, and thanks for letting me ramble on.:D
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My computer and hard drive fans were making me crazy so I replaced them all with special "quiet" versions. It made a world of difference. Ball bearings, better blades, and isolation mounts. They were maybe $25 a pop and worth every penny. I think I got them from NewEgg.
Well so far it's sounding pretty good. High frequencies are a little subdued. But from what I read about the Psvane Treasure MKII 300B's that's normal. The treble should come around after a while. And bass should fill in more also. But for everything being brand new, it's not sounding bad at all. Speakers make a nice big wide and deep sound stage, and really disappear. Thing will only get better.
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