braun fm tuner antenna connections

Hello All,

I have just got a braun tuner and am a bit confused about the antenna connections.

I have hooked up a simple T antenna and a B I C beam box from the garage.

Seems the right connection gets better reception, but its not a substantial difference.


close up


Im wondering if any of my din aware friends out here can tell me what im looking at.

I think the left input is a 75 ohm connection as it looks the same as a quad antenna connector.

So deducing that maybe the right is 300 ohm?

Are there any plugs I can purchase to do away with my soldered pins?

All help would be greatly appreciated.

Braun Tuner

The left hand connector in the picture with the folded dipole aerial logo is the one to use for FM. The symbol means it is designed for a balanced input usually 300R, so if you are using it with a 75R coaxial feed, as most FM aerials are, then you would need a balun, although it will probably work reasonably well without one
The connector was of a type made in Germany by Hirschmann usually white/cream plastic.
I suspect the right hand one is for AM band signals ie LW MW and possibly SW assuming the tuner has these bands.

John Caswell
Hirshmann antenna plug

Thanks John, :)

Forgot about hirshmann. The beambox is 300 ohms, so ive got my soldered pins in there at
the moment, thank you.

A search on google get's me nothing but car antenna adapters which the company is well known for.

Any suggestions as to where to get one would be greatly appreciated.