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Brand new Jordan JX92S drivers for sale


2005-06-04 7:37 pm
I have four (2 pairs) of Jordan JX92S full-range drive units for sale.

They were bought directly from Jordan UK last year for a project, which I decided not to continue with. They are all unmarked as-new, still in their original Jordan packaging, never been soldered or connected.

Jordan sell these for £72 + VAT (£84.60 total) each + P&P.
I will accept £55 each + P&P (~ £10 for 1 unit, ~ £15 for a pair).



2007-09-25 7:05 pm
Hello Chris,

I would take one pair of the Jordans.

Does the £15 postage only apply for UK, or is it valid for Germany too?

I could not send you an E-Mail, because you didn't activate the button. I would be happy to hear from you.