BR vent and walls......


2004-02-01 11:17 pm
The short answer is that it does not matter.

There are a few things to think about though.

If monted on the back, there has to be enough free space between the box and the wall, otherwise, the tuning will be slightly lowered if it is too close to the wall.

If monted on the front, close to the driver, pipe resonances in the tube will appear stronger due to the closeness.

There are other even smaller differences too.


2008-01-15 10:18 pm
OK, tnx for the reply.

I guess the best is to experiment.
So I'll build 2 different cabinets and "hear" how different they sound and keep the one the suits me best.

Btw, what do you mean by "
the tuning will be slightly lowered if it is too close to the wall " ?
The frequency will get lower ?


2008-01-02 3:08 am
Along this same line of thought could a pair of small bookshelf speakers be ported out the bottom to give a little lower freq? Like if feet were incorporated into the box design lifting the bottom of the box 1.5 to 2" from whatever the speaker was sitting on?

I found these super cool oak carved feet like the eagle talons and lions paws on balls you see on older hutches and furniture. I thought it would be fun to put these on a small bookshelf size speaker with some tiny crown molding on the edges for a classic look.
tiny laser measurements

... just to give an idea about the effects here a small experiment with a laser and STEPS from the ARTA family.

You see the DISPLACEMENT of the membrane. The dip is the tuning frequency of the box.

Some additional data:
- diameter of the port = 5 cm
- Size of box 45 x 26 cm


red = 1m, blue = 9 cm, green = 4 cm, black = 2,5 cm from backwall


PS: new ARTA release at the beginning of march :)


2008-01-15 10:18 pm
That is way cool, thank you !

So, to be short, getting to close to a wall will modify the low end frequency response on the loudspeaker by increasing it's ability to go lower.

I guess it's one of those cheap tricks to make a small speaker go lower ?