BoZ with SMPS


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2000-10-10 7:27 pm
SMPS will will work. 16v to 24v is good. 16v is recommended.
You could just use a 19.6v laptop power supply and be done.

You might want to use 16v and 18 Ohm on source of JFET for best performance...I think it's 18 ohms. I don't have my schematic with me. Use a jfet with Idss of 8 to 12.

You can use a SMPS and LM317, but it will have to be a 24v regulated down to 16v.
a LM317 regulator will work, but LM317 needs 4-5v over the regulated voltage.

a LT1085 regulator chip might be better, also low-dropout. You could use a 19.6v laptop SMPS and regulate down to 16v with the LT1085. LT1085 only requires 1 to 2v over regulated supply.

hope this helps.
BTW- I think what ZM is saying is that a SMPS will work very well with the BOZ-J and SMPS are easy to find. SMPS are like a gift from heaven.

well , sort of ...... they're Mana from Heaven , giving you fast and easy solution for part of project

which you can later improve or not

and , don't expect it to be Mana from Heaven , comparing to other solutions , sound -wise

Interpreting the mind of a genius is not easy. :D

oh yeah , especially taking in account how hard is to find one , to have anything to interpret , in first place