BOZ volume control

Assuming that you don't intend to drive your preamp from a power amp(!), 1/2W will be fine.
How many steps is enough?
I don't think I could live with only 12 steps. Even if you accept the first step as being on the order of 20 or 30 dB, twelve steps isn't going to give you a lot of control. I wouldn't even consider a step larger than 1 dB; most manufactured units seem to be headed for .25 to .5 dB per step. Even the less expensive gear tend towards 20-24 steps, with the more elaborate setups going for 256 steps.

Would this be of benefit to sound quality?
I will be using a rather poor quality carbon track dual gang for the volume control until I can afford (time and money) to get something better.

"Wire your pot as a shunt ...
Most people have their pot wired as a series element.

To rewire as a shunt, choose a fixed series resistance, say 10-20KOhm (get a relatively decent one). Hook up pot so that it "shunts" the output (after resistor) to ground. Thus you need 0 Ohms at zero volume setting, probably 50-100K (is this not what your pot is?) when turned up all the way."

Originally posted by Petter in another Pass linestage volume control thread.