Box full of phono stylus's


2010-09-17 8:23 pm
I have a box full of new old stock phono stylus's and a Technics Stylus Pressure Gauge SH-50P1. Is there anyway I could find out what turntables these would fit? Also are these worth anything?

Please forgive me if this is the wrong forum to ask in.
Thanks, Rob

Here is what I have:

Walco W-526STDE for Audio Empire 999 Cartridges
Astatic NMR Series AT104-7d
Astatic NMR Series PR111-7d
Astatic N2-sd
Astatic N882-sd
Astatic N883-sd
Astatic N1542-7d
Astatic N124-ed
Astatic N796-sd
Astatic N1551-7d
Astatic N1554-7d
Astatic N123-ed
Astatic N1644-7d
Astatic N796-sd


2010-03-11 10:43 pm
They don't fit turntables. They fit cartridges. These are mostly turnover styli for ceramic cartridges, at least the ones with sd suffix. That means sapphire/diamond, with sapphire for 78 rpm and diamond for long play.

You need to find an old Astatic catalog that shows what they fit.