Bought vintage Paisley AE300 speakers

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Today I picked up some rare Paisley AE300 Speakers from original owner.
They are all original in near mint condition, 1 small scratch on 1 side.
Only issue is 1 back speaker terminal came loose so it needs tightening.
They sound real nice and warm with good bass as well !
Not bad for a 6.5" speaker. I will also note that they are heavy suckers !

Anyone have experience with these ?

Some pics:







Enclosure type: Bass reflex
System resonance: 42 HZ
Woofer Diameter: 6.5"
Tweeter Diameter: 1.0"
Crossover Frequencies: 2.5 khz
Tweeter type: Dome
Frequency Response: 38 Hz-20 khz +/- 2db
Efficiency: 84 db
Power Handling: 60 watts
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Enclosure Demensions: 24x26x40 cm's / 9.4" x 10.2" x 15.7"
System Weight: 12.75 kg
Price: $549.00 a pair. ($1500+ in 2013 money)

Audio Canada Magazine, August/September 1981

Made in Canada
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Nice find!!
Seems very well made as well.....I can picture those set on trying to find a sweet spot in the room to place em'.....
All you need now is a matching subwoofer.
Hours & hours listening to music.......moving the pair all over the room, trying to get the imaging & response down right.....I can see it all, clear as day.

I would take advantage to the max, that beautiful radius on the cabs....I'd leave the grills off....apply some absorbent felt on the face...

Again...NICE find!

ho Rbcrx, the rated wattage of the speaker do not specifies the power of the amp, the best practice is to adopt a 1,5 to 2 x of the power rating of the speaker to match the power. I had 15 Ohms LS3/5a speakers, and they are 84dB, usually, they only sounded well with my manley ichiban powers, that are 600W each!
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Just had Jim at Fabaudio tighten the rear terminals so it will never come loose again ! Im going to use banana plugs on them as well. He also re-glued the grill cloths as well, free of charge. :)
Also, the spec sheet must be wrong. He measured the speaker impedance and these are 4ohms. I guess they used 6 ohms on the spec sheet because 4 ohm impedance werent really the norm back them.

I run a pair of 8" full ranges on 375 watts per channel.

Vintage amplifier watts or Modern amplifier watts ? Theres a difference.
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